About Alejandro Meyerhans

I've been ranking websites since 2016.

I went from waiting tables at a small seaside town in Spain to speaking at SEO conferences internationally. It's not like it means anything to you, but it illustrates the power of SEO. When done well, it's life-changing.

I stand for those committed to making the web a better place, starting with their websites first.
There are no hacks, just solid SEO focused on the end-user: you.

I stand for the business owners and creators that deserve to be #1 in Search. For the SEO agencies who do excellent work but need help with a thing or two (namely backlinks) to deliver exceptional client results,

I stand for the complete newbie trying to learn the craft.

You'll find me on LinkedIn and on YouTube sharing what I know and what is working for me and my clients in SEO and business. Nothing held back, no secrets, no BS.

I also talk about ethics, philosophy, and humanism in business and in life. I care for the nuance and reject simple truths. Not a guru, just a dude living in the question.

Some conferences I've presented at are:

  1. SEO Mastery Summit 2023
  2. The SEO Movement 2023

I also help run a mastermind group for digital business owners in the city of Chiang Mai twice a year. 

Some articles and places I've been featured on:

  1. Mediavine - How to write affiliate content that sells
  2. ShortPixel - The #1 SEO win you can get right now
  3. GetMeLinks - Unnatural Links and how to address them.
  4. GetMeLinks - How to do linkbuilding outreach the right way.
  5. SEO Butler - Making 200k from FB Ads (with some insane ROAS)
  6. Human Proof Designs - Silos vs Clusters (Website Architecture)

I now have a very strong emphasis on Technical and onpage SEO, and my mission is to help content creators reach more of their audience on the search engines by helping them build and present their content in the exact way Google wants to see it.

You can contact me on LinkedIn or via email at alex[at]meyerdigital.media