Content Writers – Part Time

Meyer Digital Media is looking to hire six part-time Content Writers to help expand our online publications in the following niches: WoodWorking, Parenting, Gardening, DIY Crafts, Decor, Food. Certain pre-qualifications are needed, please read through:


  • Ambitious: We’re growing FAST. A thirst for growth and quality of work to match will be recompensated.
  • VERY organized: We work with a lot of data and different orders, all with plenty details. You need to be really good at documenting everything, organizing things in folders and spreadsheets, and not dropping the ball.
  • Impeccable attention to detail: You read through, take notes, remember details like people’s names, etc (btw my name is Alex, and if you send the application to any other name or Sir, Sir/Madam, Hiring Manager etc, I won’t read it 😉 ).
  • Eager to learn: You don’t need to have a lot of experience, but you must be eager to learn.
  • An A player: You strive for the best and go the extra mile to deliver.
  • A team player: With a fast-growing team, everyone has to care for each other team member’s success.
  • A good communicator: You won’t be working alone, but hand to hand with more Senior members and reporting directly to upper management.
  • Honest: You come forward when you mess up and communicate efficiently with your manager so you can fix the issue together. Everybody makes mistakes, it’s how we react to them that makes a difference.
  • Effective: You get the most out of the hours you work.


  • Personal freedom: We don’t have fixed schedules and the job is fully remote. You can set your own hours for as long as the job gets done.
  • Recoginition: We strive to have a company culture where competence and team playing is greatly appreciated.
  • Having an impact: We work mainly with small businesses and solopreneurs, so our projects directly affect the bottom line and life of our clients. Their success is what we care for.
  • Structure: While a young and flexible company, we have a defined structure of work and systems to complement them. You’ll find an environment that supports your learning.

WHAT YOU’LL FIND at Meyer Digital:

  • A friendly team: Our team is based in multiple different locations, with a great % of the team based in the Philippines. We’re all team players and care for our teammates success.
  • A relaxed atmosphere: Don’t confuse growth and ambition with stiffness or stress. We value personal wellbeing above many other things. You’ll find a relaxed work place with little meetings and no silly timetracking etc. We care about results, not minutes.
  • A supportive environment: With a Learning framework in place, you’ll be able to further grow your skills in any business or personal areas.
  • Work/life balance: You won’t be asked to go the extra mile with your hours.


  • Native or business proficient english level.
  • Amazing writing skills.
  • Basic SEO plus but not necessary (we’ll teach ya)


  • $400 USD per month as a starting salary (part-time). 3 month probation period. Salary revisions after probation, 6 months, 12 months then yearly.
  • Possibility to come full time after probation period. Full Time starting salary @ $700 USD
  • Paid holidays.


Send to [email protected]: a copy of your resume, at least two contacts of reference and the full breakdown of your DISC personality as per (do a new test). Send also your general writing portfolio. If any of the attached pieces has been published online, please send a link to the live article. If ANY pieces don’t pass copyscape the application will be rejected.

Use the subject line “Content Writer for Meyer Digital – I’m [Here goes your name] and I’m an A player” on your email.

Only applications filled and submitted properly will be considered.